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    Mar 5, 2018 Garden4Me Monthly Calendar

    Happy Gardening March!

    Spring will be arriving mid-March and the sunnier days will provide the opportunity for an increasing range of gardening tasks. So now’s a good time to get busy thinking about what you want to grow in your planter this season – ordering plants, sowing seeds, cutting back winter plants and generally preparing for new planting.

    Handy Monthly Tips

    Plug plants are an ideal way to fill your planter with beautiful flowers and this is the ideal month to get these ordered. There are plenty of companies out there who will deliver to your door – just browse their catalogues for inspiration. They’re sent at just the right time for planting, and with step by step instructions. When you pot up add some feed so your plants get the very best start.

    And if you prefer to grow from seeds then sow these now so they are ready for planting out in June.
    Plant summer flowering bulbs such as Gladioli and Lilies into your planter.

    If you saved your begonia tubers then these will start to produce new leaves. As leaves appear, pot them up individually.

    Finish cutting back any dead foliage left on your perennials and grasses to make way for new growth.
    If you’ve planted daffodil bulbs then these will be in flower now and brightening up your patio – and don’t forget they can be planted much closer than in open ground to give a fuller display (about one bulb-width apart). It’s a good idea to dead-head them once the flowers fade – this prevents the plants wasting energy which could be used to build up the bulb for next year.


    Plant onion and garlic sets – the double-walled design of your planter means your plants are protected and will promote growth.

    Purple-sprouting broccoli is a wonder of the wintertime – with superior taste and tenderness – and ready to harvest now.

    If you’re growing vegetables from seed then sow these now – carrots, radishes and lettuce could be a good mix. And don’t forget you can easily add a polyframe to your planter using the holes provided in the sides to protect in this early growing stage.

    And if you prefer a hassle free start to your crop then don’t forget you can also buy vegetable plants.

    A polyframe can be easily added to a garden4me raised planter

    Don’t forget

    Solitary bees are incredible pollinators and in decline. The problem is loss of habitat. Bees will be emerging from their winter homes and looking for new nesting sites soon so you can help by providing a garden bee hotel – make your own with bundled bamboo stems or buy one ready made from your local garden centre.

    Add a bee hotel to give shelter to solitary bees

    Other tasks

    If you’ve already been growing plants in your @garden4me raised garden then top up with some good quality compost to promote good growth.

    Did you know…

    You can grow herbaceous perennials in your planter and now is an ideal time to plant them. If you have any already established then lift and divide now to improve their vigour and create new plants. Campanula, hardy geraniums and catmint are just a few suggestions that will thrive in your raised garden.

    garden4me Flower of the Month

    Daffodils are ideal for brightening up your patio


    garden4me Vegetable of the Month

    Purple sprouting broccoli – excellent for taste and tenderness

    Coming in the April calendar – more handy hints, flower of the month, veg of the month