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    Self-Watering GIANT raised planters

    Garden4me self-watering GIANT raised planters are perfect if you want to grow your own vegetables, herbs or fruit, or if you simply want to create a glorious pocket garden filled with your favourite flowers.

    Our products come with a host of amazing features – they are available in a range of colours with a granite effect finish, they take minutes to assemble without the need for any specialist tooling and come with a life-time guarantee against rotting.

    Our GIANT raised planters are suitable for all age and ability groups and support all growing choices.

    Light Granite Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Mid Granite Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Dark Granite Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Sandstone Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Purple Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Lime Green Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Yellow with Black Legs Raised Planter

    £264.00 find out more and buy

    Growing pockets

    £35.00 find out more and buy

    Replacement Capillary Mat

    £13.50 find out more and buy

    Polytunnel (Only available in the UK)

    £35.00 find out more and buy
    Why buy from us

    Secure Payments

    You can pay for your products on-line or over the phone using our secure payment systems. You can use a full range of credit or debit cards or pay by Paypal.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    All garden4me raised planters come with a life-time guarantee against rotting, splitting or cracking. Our products are made from extremely robust Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), a food grade standard material.

    Phone order number

    Why not use our dedicated telephone order line to discuss your requirements directly with our team, who will also be able to answer any questions you may have prior to ordering?

    0161 641 6859

    Delivery times

    Our aim is to deliver all garden4me products directly from our factory within 10 working days of receiving an order.

    Elaine from Nottingham

    I have had great fun with my planter and the seeds responded in the most amazing way.
    We had some really good size lettuce as well as cut and come again leaves. Spring onions did well and bite size beetroot.

    Emma from Berkshire

    My planter is packed with Tomatoes, looks like a good crop again this year. Only having to water once a week as it has its own reservoir

    Ian from Barnsley

    I’ve created a brilliant display in a space that was looking bare which my neighbours have all complimented me on

    Pauline from Essex

    I’m thrilled how my vegetables have come up for my first attempt as I’m not a gardener

    John and Joan, Ireland

    Just gone through several weeks of drought conditions here in Ireland, temperatures reaching 32 degrees and our garden4me raised planter is still producing strong healthy plants

    Helen from Bradford

    I love that I can garden all year round in my raised planter – and the double walled construction keeps roots warm and protected even through a Yorkshire winter!

    Alan from Manchester

    After many years of not gardening it was a real thrill to realise I could grow my own vegetables again even though I only have a patio – and right from the first crops they’ve been fantastic

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