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    Built-in Self-Regulating Reservoir

    Each garden4me GIANT raised planter comes with a built-in 20 litre self-regulating reservoir designed to keep your plants watered at all times.

    The reservoir works through a series of capillary wicks and capillary matting which are placed at the bottom of the growing bed before you add the compost/soil.

    After filling with compost/soil and then adding your chosen plants and watering them in in the normal way, you simply fill the reservoir with a hose or watering can. Once the level reaches 20 litres the overflow system will start to work, draining away any water over this volume so your plants will not get waterlogged.

    Plants will start to feed on the water, which is drawn up through the capillary action, ensuring they are getting the liquids they need at all times.

    A liquid feed can also be added to the reservoir to help promote healthy growth.

    Topping up the Reservoir

    You can top the reservoir up by periodically re-filling it, by watering the plants in a traditional way, or by allowing rain water to naturally top it up. Whichever way you choose, the reservoir will always regulate itself once it has reached 20 litres – the volume of water designed to service the 240 litres of compost/soil which is used to fill the planter.

    Ensuring you plants are watered at all times

    To ensure your plants are being watered at all times please follow the suggestions in ‘Topping up the Reservoir’ above.