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      If you want to get involved with gardening in your school, here are five good reasons to try a garden4me self-watering GIANT raised planter

      Garden4me raised planters have been designed with schools in mind. Brightly coloured, safe and robust, with no sharp edges and the added bonus of a built-in concealed reservoir makes them a fun way to introduce pupils to gardening and growing their own food.

      Supports Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculum.

      Self-watering planters add a new dimension to school gardening

      Garden4me’s raised planters were designed with schools in mind. Their in-built reservoir takes away one of the biggest challenges for teachers who like to encourage gardening – the need to water plants during holidays so that their pupil’s work is not ruined whilst they are away. The reservoir encourages healthy and rapid plant growth enabling children to see their efforts come to fruition in the shortest amount of time. The reservoir typically needs topping up only every two-three weeks and is supported by rainwater capture.

      A great way to create an outdoor classroom

      Garden4me raised planters make the perfect ‘outdoor classroom’. As well as the fun and excitement of being outdoors, gardening in our raised planters provides the perfect opportunity for children to be creative, to work as part of a team, to communicate and develop their social skills with friends and teachers, and to learn about things they may not previously have known. Learning to plant seeds. watch them grow and develop is a great way for children to learn about their environment and how it works.

      No better way to Introduce children to growing their own food

      Surveys suggest that children think their fruit and vegetables arrive in packets from their supermarket and are not aware they can grow their own. The importance of understanding the positive nutritional as well as environmental benefits of growing your own food cannot be underestimated in helping to shape our children’s knowledge of the world they live in. How rewarding is it for them to grow tasty herbs or plant seeds and watch them grow into carrots, tomatoes or perhaps lettuce and then enjoy eating them?

      Why not download our free curriculum based lesson plans for planting a vegetable garden?
      Supporting Special Educational Needs

      Gardening is a great tool for teachers working with children with special educational needs. Our fun, brightly coloured, safe, easy to use planters support pupils with learning difficulties to develop their senses and the way they communicate with their peers and teachers. Gardening can help children to develop their cognitive learning skills and motor skills – and you don’t need a big space to do this – did you know you can create a full sensory garden in one of our planters? Why not request a factsheet?

      Supporting the environment

      Did you know if there were no bees there would be no jam or ketchup! Bees are essential to pollinate the plants we grow for food like fruit and tomatoes, but their population is in serious decline. Encourage and educate children to help by planting a ‘bee friendly’ garden with flowers that will attract not just bees but butterflies and other pollinators. You’ll be surprised how many flowers you can grow in a garden4me raised planter – and children will enjoy observing wildlife activity close up

      Why not download our free curriculum based lesson plans for planting a Bee friendly garden?

      Create an instant garden using garden4me giant raised planters to open up new opportunities for learning in your school.

      To order a garden4me GIANT raised planter at £207.50 plus VAT with a purchase order number, or to get a quote for multiple planters or to ask for further information simply phone our order hotline on 0161 641 6859.