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    Feb 5, 2018 Garden4Me Monthly Calendar

    Happy Gardening February!

    February is still a dark and cold month for gardeners but we do start to see some chinks of sunshine and the days becoming just that bit longer – the garden seems to slowly start coming to life again as plants start to increase their growth rate.

    Towards the end of the month, temperatures slowly rise, light levels increase and the dawn chorus increases in volume. Buds on the early spring blossom begin to open and the flowering bulbs begin to push through the soil. Spring is definitely around the corner!

    Handy Monthly Tips

    Once snowdrops have flowered, clumps can be lifted, divided and planted if you want to create more plants. Simply dig out a clump and divide, taking care to ensure the green leaves remain attached to the bulb. Replant as individual bulbs.

    Remove faded flowers from winter pansies and violas. This will encourage more flowers during spring and prevent them going to seed. Early flowering primulas should be deadheaded regularly to encourage fresh flowers.

    Remove any dead or decaying leaves from your plants to avoid encouraging slugs and snails in early Spring.
    Even though it’s winter, plants still need to be watered – especially if you’ve planted Spring bulbs – so check the reservoir in your planter. The double-walled construction will stop the water from freezing during periods of frost.

    February half-term is an ideal time to work with your children and grandchildren in the garden – our raised planters are safe and a perfect height for them – they’ve love spending time with you helping with clearing and planting.


    Kale is one of the hardiest winter vegetables out there – and can be harvested in February. If you fancy trying it for next year then sow from March to June for a tasty winter vegetable.

    Tomatoes and Chilli Peppers are ideal to grow in our raised planter and now is the time to sow under glass – you can do this in a heated propagator or on a warm windowsill with lots of light. Allow them to grow for 6-8 weeks before transplanting to your raised planter.

    And as a reminder from last month – if you’re planning to grow herbs then plant these in early February as this is when you’ll get the optimal results.

    Don’t forget…

    .. to put out feeders for birds, not forgetting fresh water for them. Encouraging birds into the garden will help reduce the number of insects and slugs.

    Did you Know…

    For all rose lovers – the deep bed of a garden4me raised planter means you can grow certain types of patio and miniature roses – as well as more compact ground cover and climbing varieties. With some care and attention you can achieve a good show of blooms.

    The best compost to use is a John Innes No 3. Because garden4me planters have their own self-regulating reservoir, your plants won’t dry out and so won’t be prone to mildew. Top-dress in Spring with a rose fertiliser.

    Our recommendations

    • Nice Day and Laura Ford – both patio climbers
    • Robin Redbreast – a miniature or ground cover
    • Sweet Dreams – patio rose

    And don’t forget, with Valentines Day in February, roses are always popular !

    garden4me Flower of the Month

    A blanket of snowdrops provide a striking spectacle in winter months

    garden4me Vegetable of the Month

    Kale – a healthy and tasty winter vegetable

    Coming in the March calendar – more handy hints, flower of the month, veg of the month