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      Oct 19, 2017 Garden4Me News

      Garden4me raised planters form natural barrier to invasion by Carrot Flies

      We are all aware of the many pests which inhabit our gardens, but for growers of carrots and other root vegetables garden4me raised planters are forming a natural defence against one of the most destructive of all pests – the Carrot Fly.

      For those not aware Carrot Flies are small black-bodied insects whose larvae feed on the roots of carrots and related plants, such as parsnip, parsley, celery and celeriac.

      When they attack they leave rusty brown scars at the base of the carrot and other susceptible vegetables, making them inedible and susceptible to secondary rotting. When you cut into the carrot, tunnels are revealed, often inhabited by maggots which can grow up to 1cm long.

      But the key to the Carrot Fly’s activity is the ability of the female to lay its eggs without exceeding a height of 60cm from the ground. For those planting more traditionally in the ground this poses a real problem as no known pesticides affect the Carrot Fly, so alternative and complex solutions need to be found.

      But for those who want to grow in planters there is a real advantage, and with the garden4me raised planter standing at over 70cm from the ground the threat of invasion by Carrot Fly is diminished significantly.

      It is another of the great features of garden4me raised planters to add to its built-in self-regulating reservoir which promotes healthy plant growth, its double walled construction to keep soil warmer, its life-time guarantee against rotting, and the fact that it is manufactured from certified food grade materials.

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